Daily Challenge

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Clinical Aim(s)
Enhance Well-Being
Incorporated Strategies
Target Audience
Teens, Adults, Elders
Standalone, Supplement

Daily Challenge is a mobile- and web-based program intended to improve health and well-being by suggesting/assigning to its users one challenge per day. Upon creating an account, users are asked to select one track from a list of choices: increase energy, find fulfillment, relieve stress, which can be changed later to one of 47 other tracks if they wish to focus on another specific area of well-being. Tracks include themes such as educated eating, fit at work, setting goals etc. Each track includes approximately 28 daily challenges.  Every morning, users receive an email push notification with the day’s challenge. Users can either opt to complete the challenge or pass if they do not like it. The program gives the user a brief text based rundown of why the challenge matters, examples of how to do it, and a fun fact. On some challenges, a short video demonstration is also included. Users are awarded points and stamps upon completion of each challenge in order to increase motivation. Users have the opportunity to connect with friends and other Daily Challenge members for accountability, encouragement, and ideas on how to complete the challenges.

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Expert Evaluation

Program Quality
3.4 out of 5
Source Credibility
Very Good
Privacy Explanation
Questionable Transparency
Free/ Clear and easy-to-achieve goals.
Focused on small behavioral changes – not a full intervention program.


Daily Challenge is a simple-to-use app suitable for users of all ages (teens and up). The app could be helpful for people who need a structured or concrete framework through which to incorporate small behavioral changes into their lives. The different challenges are clear, focused, and easy to achieve. Each challenge is accompanied by a short explanation and delivered in a non-judgmental manner. Some challenges also include demonstration videos for clarification (e.g., demonstrating a certain physical exercise). Comments from other users contribute to a sense of community and assist in motivating users to complete the challenges.

Notes for Clinicians

Daily Challenge can be recommended as a supplement to ongoing treatment for patients who have a reasonable amount of energy and motivation; however, it is less suitable for people who struggle with mental conditions such as mood disorders that affect these aspects. The therapist can assist in the selection of the challenge track, as well as promote in-session discussion of the challenges and the patient’s reflections on the process.

Evaluation date:
Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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