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MindTools.io serves as a leading resource for e-mental health programs – aiming to identify and share what makes programs better at meeting their clinical aims.

MindTools.io team provides in-depth app reviews using Enlight rating scales. Enlight demonstrated a predictive validity in the rating of apps, due to the inclusion of persuasive design and behavior change concepts within it

MindTools.io aims to help health-providers, researchers, and developers understand how to best utilize mental health applications while avoiding common mistakes along the design/evaluation/implementation path.

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In Search for Relevance: Humankind in a Fast Changing World

By Amit Baumel

So I have been working in the past 20 years in the business of helping people feel better. I am a licensed clinical psychologist, social-tech-entrepreneur, and academic researcher. I have built, for example, free to use digital parent training program, helped building programs that train volunteers to support other people, and a web-based recommender system

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