About MindTools.io

MindTools.io is a non-profit website aimed at educating different stakeholders (end-users, concerned loved ones, clinicians, large health providers, researchers) about the use of digital tools for enhancing well-being, mental health, and quality of life. It is part of a research project that began several years ago, conducted in collaboration between Dr. Baumel from University of Haifa and Dr. Kane from The Zucker Hillside Hospital.

The widespread use of personal digital devices and enormous increase in internet access have the potential to dramatically enhance public access to health interventions. These technological changes shift the focus to individuals, who can now engage in self-care around the clock outside of traditional health care settings. Consumers can browse through the web or access mobile app stores to download and use the large number of available (and unexamined) programs. Unfortunately, most of these programs are of very poor quality.

MindTools.io uses a scientific approach to objectively rate programs in order to help the public make educated decisions when choosing digital tools.
We aim to help people identify self-help tools for themselves and their loved ones; to help clinicians identify digital tools they can leverage to support their patients; to serve as a resource center for researchers looking to enrich their work with criteria-based evaluation methods; and to support large health providers in the identification, evaluation, and successful implementation of digital mental health interventions in their services.

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