In Search for Relevance: Humankind in a Fast Changing World

So I have been working in the past 20 years in the business of helping people feel better. I am a licensed clinical psychologist, social-tech-entrepreneur, and academic researcher. I have built, for example, free to use digital parent training program, helped building programs that train volunteers to support other people,

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Top 5 Mindfulness Apps: A Summary of Our Expert Reviews

Mindfulness apps – aimed at increasing our daily mindful moments in order to enhance our emotional well-being, reduce stress and anxiety levels – are extremely popular in app-stores. This article summarizes our reviews of the top Mindfulness apps. About Mindfulness The word “Mindfulness” refers to the opposite of the “autopilot”

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Our Mission

Dr. Kane is the co-founder and head of the advisory board at He is Senior Vice President for Behavioral Health Services of Northwell Health and Professor and Chairman of Psychiatry at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. Dr. Kane has done extensive research in psychiatric

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Welcome to

I am truly excited to write this first blog post and to welcome you to This moment also remarks a point where our team is moving forward from a scientific work of two years, done in the back stage, into the public phase. At, we aim to provide

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