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In this section, we will provide resources for those interested to use Enlight in research or in the design of engaging and effective e-mental health interventions.

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A Review of Published Criteria in eHealth

For those interested in a review of published quality criteria related to the evaluation of user-facing eHealth/mHealth programs here we provide Description of criteria domains by concepts and sub-groups. This data was presented as an appendix of a systematic review we conducted in this area, and can be used by developers, researchers, and health providers to support the development of theoretical frameworks, identify new emerging criteria themes, and to develop evaluation tools.

Baumel, A., Birnbaum, M. L., & Sucala, M. (2017). A Systematic Review and Taxonomy of Published Quality Criteria Related to the Evaluation of User-Facing eHealth Programs. Journal of Medical Systems, 41(8), 128.

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