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Enhance Well-Being, Quit/Reduce the Use of Substances


CBT, Peer Support, Tracker, Emotional Support




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WEconnect Health is a mobile app designed to support individuals in recovery from substance use disorders. It supports sobriety while emphasizes improving daily habits and overall well-being, trough the principle of contingency management (type of behavioral therapy which is based on rewarding positive behavioral), as well as peer and group support. A key feature of WEconnect Health is its daily routine tool, which helps users manage their schedules by setting reminders for recovery-related activities, such as attending therapy sessions, taking medication, or meditating. The app checks in with users to ensure they are completing these tasks, which is crucial for maintaining structure in early recovery. To enhance motivation, completing daily routines and attending scheduled activities earns users points, which can be exchanged for real-life rewards. The app also includes a peer support network, providing users with access to a community of individuals who experienced the challenges of recovery. Users can share their progress and challenges, offering and receiving support from others in similar situations. Daily group sessions led by specialist are available as well, and users can also receive 1 on 1 support from specialist through phone calls or video sessions

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WEconnect Health may be used for those transitioning from structured treatment settings to daily life. The app's daily reminders to engage in recovery activities can help maintain therapeutic routines that promote sobriety. Clinicians can use WEconnect Health to encourage commitment to treatment plans utilizing the app’s reward system, which incentivizes patients to complete health-promoting tasks. The availability of peer support also provides a layer of communal accountability that may be proven helpful during recovery.

May 23, 2024

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