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Calm is a web- and mobile-based program intended to help users reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and relax through the practice of mindfulness ,meditation and other relaxation techniques . Calm offers a wide array of audio sessions ranging from 3 to 25 minutes in duration, categorized by specific goals such as meditation, sleep improvement, movement, calm kids and more . Each category features audio sessions on multiple themes related to the chosen goal.

Users can subscribe (annual paid subscription/One payment for an unlimited period) to access many more different guided meditation audio sessions, a complete library of sleep stories with a new story added each week, and exclusive music tracks designed to enhance focus, relaxation, and sleep. Charts allow users to track the number of consecutive days they have used the program, the total time meditated, and the number of meditation sessions completed. Users can also save their favourite audios for easy access, as well as free soothing nature sounds and scenes to use during meditation or yoga, or to help the user sleep (with more of these available to subscribers).

Expert Evaluation

3.5 out of 5
Suitable for users of all ages and experience levels/ good selection of exercises/ sleep stories.
Monthly fee may be considered high.

Calm is suitable for users of all age groups and experience levels who are interested in practicing mindfulness meditation. For those who are not familiar with meditation, Calm offers a 7-day “learn the basics of mindfulness meditation” program, which consists of clear and easy-to-learn guided meditations. More experienced users can choose from one of the structured meditation programs (e.g., “7 days of managing stress”), the daily session, or the unguided meditations. The program is easy to use and offers a good selection of exercises to choose from. The narration is pleasant, and the graphics and background sounds are soothing. The sleep stories are an interesting addition, with a calming effect reminiscent of bedtime stories for children.


Calm is a good app for both beginners and experienced meditators. It could be added as a supplement to treatment in cases where relaxation techniques and meditation practices would benefit the patient but are not covered in person for various reasons (e.g., lack of time, lack of clinician training, or focus on other issues). The program’s price (at the time of evaluation) may be considered high for some patients, in which case we advise clinicians to suggest other meditation apps.

November 23, 2016

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