Break Free Anxiety

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Clinical Aim(s)
Anxiety & Stress Management
Incorporated Strategies
Target Audience
Teens, Adults, Elders
Standalone, Supplement

Break Free Anxiety is a mobile-based app targeting anxiety disorders. Based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, the app allows users to list sources of their anxiety and brainstorm ideas on how to eliminate them. Users can either come up with actions they want to take or choose actions from a list of general suggestions provided by the app. Users can also set reminders for the day and time they want to perform the action. Additional features include free breathing exercises and audios to reduce anxiety in the moment; an Affirmation Section where users can manually type a list of their accomplishments or motivational phrases; and a free downloadable Percussive Suggestion Technology audio package, intended to help listeners deal with unwanted negative emotions or feelings.

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Expert Evaluation

Program Quality
2.1 out of 5
Source Credibility
Very Poor
Privacy Explanation
Not Transparent


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Evaluation date:
Friday, September 16, 2016

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