Triple P Online

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Clinical Aim(s)
Support a Child's Mental Health
Incorporated Strategies
Parent Training/Child Treatment
Target Audience
Standalone, Supplement
English, Spanish

Triple P Online is a digital parenting program intended to help parents handle their child’s behavior problems (discipline, compliance, oppositional behaviors). The three Ps in Triple P stand for ‘Positive Parenting Program’. The program provides parents with tools and skills to change their parenting behaviors, and thus affect and change their child’s behavior. Triple P is comprised of 6–8 modules (depending on the child’s age group); each covers a different topic from the Triple P approach, for example, encouraging behavior you like, managing misbehavior, etc. A module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Each module is comprised of videos and texts that guide the parent through the training process. The program also includes interactive features, such as Q&A and documentation of parent thoughts and goals. Parents are given homework to complete between modules.

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Expert Evaluation

Program Quality
4.2 out of 5
Source Credibility
Privacy Explanation
Almost Transparent
Complete intervention that can help to address childhood behavior problems from A to Z/ Engaging and relatable program/ Clear guidance and tunneling through the program.
Does not seem to target unmotivated users/ “One size fits all” guidance.


Triple P Online is most useful for parents who are dealing with mild to moderate childhood behavior problems, and who have some time and motivation to invest in learning how to change their parenting behaviors. In our review, only the toddler to tweens (<12 age) program was evaluated. The program goes through basic aspects of parent–child interaction, and leads the user through a step-by-step path to behavioral change. Triple P Online uses approachable and easy-to-understand videos to illustrate different situations. Consequently, users find it easy to understand and relate to the program. Modules become available in a certain order: Once the first module is done, the second one unlocks. There is no time limit for completing the modules, which can benefit those who find it difficult to fit the online parental guidance into their schedule; on the other hand, the time limitations incorporated into motivational features might be helpful for less motivated parents. Without a clear schedule, however, the use of the program could potentially be sidelined by parents’ busy schedule. Since the program provides “one size fits all” guidance (i.e., all users receive the same content), it might be more suitable for parents dealing with the mild range of childhood behavior problems.

Notes for Clinicians

For clinicians who cannot devote more than two sessions to parent training, Triple P Online can be offered as a supplement to treat childhood behavior problems. If the clinician provides parent training for multiple sessions, Triple P Online can be added as an enhancement (as long as the training is also grounded in a cognitive behavioral framework). The clinician can function as the motivator toward effective use of the program.

Evaluation date:
Monday, January 23, 2017

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